Take the time to think about your next move

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In the last blog, I talked about how confidence and whether or not you feel lonely are important to know when deciding where to move when your home becomes too much. In this blog, I tackle three other key factors when deciding where to live: your health, needs, and finances.

3. Health. Your state of health today and in the foreseeable future can greatly affect your choice. Perhaps you have a degenerative disease, or anticipate requiring more and more help with day-to-day tasks as you age.

Be realistic. To stay independent, at some point you will have to accept outside help. For a residence, the services provided must meet your needs.

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Security Is #1


What’s most important for the elderly? Security, whether staying in the home, or downsizing to an apartment or residence. Security is number one with me. The person has to be safe — and to feel safe — in their environment.

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Home transitions: Jasmin Transition will guide you towards a quality of life that meets your needs

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People between 75 and 95 years old often ask me this question: I am so comfortable at home, do I have to move? What should I do? Where should I go?

It’s important for me to share with readers of this blog the fruit of my six years of experience handling 300 home transitions so far. Seniors and their loved ones want and need more information on different aspects of these transitions, and I want to help smooth the way. Read more