Home transitions: Jasmin Transition will guide you towards a quality of life that meets your needs

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People between 75 and 95 years old often ask me this question: I am so comfortable at home, do I have to move? What should I do? Where should I go?

It’s important for me to share with readers of this blog the fruit of my six years of experience handling 300 home transitions so far. Seniors and their loved ones want and need more information on different aspects of these transitions, and I want to help smooth the way.

Whether you continue living at home, or move into a small apartment, seniors’ residence or long-term care home, it is still essential to have a home where you enjoy living and that meets all of your health issues.

There is no magic formula to successful home transitions. But it is important to think ahead, to project ourselves into the future in order to avoid last-minute, hastily-made decisions for ourselves and our loved ones.

There’s one thing that just about everyone faces sooner or later, but few think about in advance: Where do I see myself living if I get ill? Or when I’m 80? Or 90? Numerous situations and events can provoke home transitions, including financial stress, difficulty handling a too-large home, aging, an accident, loneliness or feeling isolated, a debilitating disease illness, the death of a close one…the list goes on.


What do we mean by home transitions for seniors?

It could mean adapting the existing home so it becomes a more secure environment, or moving to a place that better suits current or future needs. A home transition can be an important step to achieve a new way of living that corresponds to — or is adapted to — a person’s age and physical or mental limitations.

Transitioning is a way to achieve an improved quality of life.


In the coming weeks and months, this blog will offer information and advice to those facing a home transition.

Topics will include:

  • maintaining physical security before, during, and after a transition
  • tips for dealing with the emotional turmoil of transition
  • deciding between staying home, moving to an apartment or a residence
  • tips for stress-free downsizing
  • challenges of a late-life transition
  • and much more



5 thoughts on “Home transitions: Jasmin Transition will guide you towards a quality of life that meets your needs

  1. This is such a vital and important process in one’s life that it warrants the assistance of professionals ! Those who understand the process with a sensitivity and a caring for the individual. An impeccable coordination and attention to details comparable to none! ?

    1. I really appreciate your perspective. I’ve found that it can be difficult to find trustworthy, independently-sourced information from people who are not connected somehow to a residence or care home.

  2. Quand on a besoin d’assistance pour l’achat d’une nouvelle voiture, on fait quoi? On va voir un professionnel dans le domaine.
    Quand on a besoin d’un nouvel environnement ou l’on va se sentir en sécurité,quand il faut élagué ,nettoyé, vendre ,déménagé, on fait affaire a des pros.
    Le faire nous meme souvent, nous amene beaucoup de stress et nous cause des problemes d’organisation.

  3. You were the best person that I could have ever imagined having assist our seniors/families w/ one of the most important decisions of their lives. Your team was compassionate, professional and thought of everything! I have recommended you to everyone that I know…families are very busy and have
    no idea how great your team is. You are worth your weight in gold!

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